Friday, March 28, 2014

Walking on Air

Shoes saved: Maison Martin Margiela invisible wedge boots
Wearing: H&M trench coat, Stradivarius vintage-esque case, Zara basic dress*,  
Topshop doggy belt, gifted earrings, black cardigan.

See how happy I am wearing these boots? That's because they have a bit of magic to them. I love love love how the wedge really is sort of invisible. And even though the heel is on the higher side, they are actually very comfortable and I have spent the whole evening in them once and it was bearable. The only down side is that given there is no zipper, taking them off is kinda hard. (Putting them on is easy, you literally just slip into them, but taking them off, it can be a bit of a pickle.)

I based my outfit around these boots. I knew they had one of their last chances to be saved in the challenge this year and I just had to save them.

Anyways, I have a couple more saves to show you from this past work week and I'll be posting one of them today and the rest next week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Paulo Gonçalves said...

A very interesting and nice blog.
Greetings from Portugal

Paulo Gonçalves

MsVeve said...

Thanks for stopping by:)

Pink Haired Princess said...

I'm so jealous of these boots, I adore them. I keep telling myself, they wouldn't fit my legs without a zip though! x

MsVeve said...

Yeah, they could really use a zipper!