Monday, April 14, 2014

Goodbye Old Friends

Please visit VERY VERONiQUE 

and bid this ol'blog adieu. I've had fun here and it has been a long journey. But I've come to the end of it here. However, I will be going through this blog and reviving my favorite posts (as I have already done so with one of the most visited posts yesterday) over on my new blog. That way, everything that I love will be all in one place.Yeay! See you there.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Very Veronique

I finally bit the bullet and I did it, I changed my domain, made a new blog. So that means I will no longer be blogging here but from now on I will be blogging over at

The first post is up although it is just an introduction. However, I plan on writing another one asap so please stop by and check out the new blog. If you like what you have seen here on msveve you'll definitely like what's on Very Veronique. It's basically the same but just focusing on the fun and happy.

UPDATE: already 4 posts! Please visit Very Veronique to make Veronique Very happy.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Wednesday and Thursday passed by super fast and I had wanted to get some thesis writing done but no such luck. That means I have loads loads to do today. I've taken an off day from work today to get as much done as possible. Enough about school though, let's talk shoes.

Shoes saved: Topshop Webster wedges
Wearing: Reserved dress, Topshop wide studded belt, Reserved quilted chain detail purse, Topshop varsity style jacket, H&M scarf, Dekadence Now earrings
Worn on: Saturday, family birthday celebration dinner

So the shoes, these are definitely one of my favorite pairs. I absolutely love the tiny studs, they remind me of a midnight sky filled with lovely stars. I'm also a fan of that huge buckle (I really dislike the tiny buckles that are hard to fasten.) Additionally, although they have a massive heel, they are okay to walk in. They are wedges after all, but sometimes even a wedge can be uncomfortable, but not these! So challenge wise, I knew these would be an easy save. To learn more about the shoe challenge head over to

I really liked the outfit I had worn with these shoes as well. I liked the sporty yet feminine feel to it. Very preppy, a bit retro and yet modern (I think the virtually all black base of the outfit and muted added colors really helped not to look costume like.) I felt just happy to be wearing what I was wearing and to me, that's what it's all about. Unfortunately, it seems to have gotten a bit colder so by the time we were waiting at the bus stop to go home (it's two stops from our place), I was freezing! Note to self: next time take a sweater.

I wore my hair in a large bun (that sadly you can't really see) and these photos were taken at the end of the evening when we got back to out apartment complex. The dinner was great, the food was divine (we went to Prosecco) and we have a good relationship family wise so it's always a pleasure.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The more I think about this blog, the more I want to change it. Actually, there are a few things that I want/need to change. The first and most important is my studying habits. They are currently at an all time low and this cannot go on. But concerning the blog - I feel like it has become way less fun than it once was and it needs some more "happy" all around. Mostly, I'm no longer happy with the name. I'm currently making up various titles and waiting if something sticks and I like it for longer than 10 seconds. And also if it's still available. Which is actually the worst part. I know I wrote that I would wait until all my exams are through but I don't think I can wait that long! Anyways, enough of that, let's move on to the shoes? *Now that I've stopped stressing about the pictures and I just take selfies and don't bother with mirror photos, it has become fun once again. I think addressing the problem has also really helped as it centered me and then I was like "this is easy to fix". Once in a while I can get someone to take my photos but in the mean time, I can still save a bunch of shoes:)

Shoes saved: Topshop Mary Jane two-tone flats
Wearing: H&M trench coat, thrifted beaded dress, H&M studded bag
Worn on: Monday (7.4.2014), coffee date with a friend

Monday was such a lovely day - the sun was shining and I was feeling really good. Though I did get less done than I had planned :/ Mr. Pig really enjoyed his afternoon walk. *Oh and while thinking about changing blog domains and everything, I have changed my instagram address. The new one is

To learn more about the shoe challenge or to take part, visit See you soon with some more shoe saves and my daily adventures! Bya.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Files of New

Friday we went on an awesome shopping trip - I needed to buy new pair of black opaque tights (I must for me. I can't show my tattoos when I'm at work so if I want to wear dresses and skirts, there's no other way.) I didn't just buy tights. I also bought a cute black dress (which I'll show you soon in another post) and a really cheap bag, a pair of trainers (!!) and this adorable piggy iphone case.

It's been really hard to find I case for my phone which I would love. I generally found myself more attracted to cases that were meant for other phone sizes (I have the 5c). Anyways, loooong story short, I saw this case, but sadly it only came for a size 4. I tried it on my phone nonetheless, the shopping assistant was so nice! And I managed to get it on, there was just a few tiny problems. But since it's a jelly case, I knew I could just cut out whatever was extra. And that's exactly what I did (well, after taking these photos haha. You can notice that I have to hold the ear up in the pictures, that because the hole for the camera is a bit low. It's been cut now, not 100% perfect but still okay enough, I'm happy.)

These are the shoes that I was wearing. They are by Melissa (Dreamed by Mel) and are the butterfly open toe flats. Actually I'm not 100% sure if I hadn't saved them already (my system is much less organized this year!) so I do have another save for you just in case. Below is a slightly better photo of my Friday shopping outfit.

Wearing: Topshop knitted vest, Zara TRF fake leather jacket, Topshop red polka dot dress, H&M studded bag. I was really happy with my look and with everything in general. It was a really good day!

As for the new shoe save (the ones I'm actually sure I hadn't saved before because they're new) and they're yellow (I'm a huge fan of yellow footwear!) jelly flats in the style of Melissa. I wore them to work on Friday and wore a really simple outfit consisting of a black miniskirt (Zara) and a white detailed top and a cropped jacket in a cute red tweed. That's it for today but there'll be more saves soon (it was a busy weekend haha). Oh and I think I solved my issues with the shoe challenge, I'll just take photos elsewhere and you know if someone has something against it, well that's their problem. I shouldn't be so sensitive anyways. It's supposed to be fun after all! Have a great Monday and see you soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back to Kitsch

One more post today as I'm sure there won't be time for posting anything tomorrow. This is yet again from the weekend (you might think I do all of my shoe saving on the weekends and you are quite right! I save most of my heels over the weekend because during the week there's so much running around and well, the cobble stone territory, that I much rather just wear flats.)

Shoes saved: Zara Woman ankle strap wedges
Worn on: Sunday, lunch date and a spot of shopping
Wearing: Topshop jersey pencil skirt, Zara sweater, Mango bag, Carole Little knitted vest

I really liked my outfit in real life but I don't think the photo turned out too well. It seems the photo curse continues and I have yet to find a good stop for outfit photos! (A busy shopping center? Not the best place. Yet oddly still less awkward than near my flat.) As for the shoes, well, they are an utter disappointment! I had wanted them so so much and then I found them on sale and for an okay price and I got them, but this was the first time I had ever properly worn them (for a longer period of time than just half an hour) and OUCH. My feet were killing me. Enough to never wear them again? No way! But definitely enough for them not to get worn for some time.

I'll share one more photo with you and it's from Friday night, what I wore to the pub. I've already saved these shoes before but I have to be honest and say that they've become favorites and have been worn a lot this year (especially since we had such a great winter with very little snow). I just liked my outfit - it's very "me". Anyways, since I won't be posting tomorrow, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Less ambiguous

I had an utterly craptastic day yesterday. It actually had started the day before by not being able to fall asleep and then of course, the next day (yesterday) I overslept. Luckily I managed to get to uni in time for my seminar but sadly the day continued to get worse. I was having a very OFF day. Wasn't really getting the lesson through to my head and all that. Then lunch with my sis, although good, I was already at quite a bad mood and then ended up eating stuff I didn't really want and that's never a good thing. At work I got very little done and then I was supposed to also get some studying done but nope, that just wasn't happening! Anyways, after all of that piling on, I needed some shoe relief. I bought a new pair of shoes! (It's actually been quite a while that I've bought some fantastic new shoes.) Unfortunately, I then stopped by another store and they had the same shoes cheaper (grrr) but luckily they didn't have my size anyways. I also found the same style on asos also for cheaper (even cheaper than in the second store) but they didn't that such a pretty color choice and they didn't have my size anyways. So it's not really that big a deal, but it certainly did NOT help my bad day. I was also making silly mistakes like being signed into different emails and stuff like that (I currently have like 6 or 7 different email addresses and I don't use some and it's just a mess and I should just delete them all and have only one, well, only two really. I can't very well get rid of my work email, though that's the one I like least of all haha.) Bad day aside, let's talk shoes.

This is the photo that I posted on my instagram. I loved my outfit but with the day being so bad I didn't get any other photos. Actually, I'll mention more about that in a little while. But first, here are the shoes I bought:

Melissa "Dance Hits" in pink and blue

So about the photo taking ordeal. And this will also explain the animosity that I was alluding to before in a prior post. And the photo above is my sad face when thinking about it. Basically, I have the worst ever neighbors. I was nervous about moving to Prague 9 (I've always been a Prague 4 kinda girl) and looks like I had good reason!

I may not be the easiest person to get along with, I'm eccentric in many ways (I have a pet pig, I'm a tattooed gal, I like interesting fashion and wear strange outfits, and I guess that can irritate people? But I'm never rude - at least not on purpose - and I don't do mean things in order to make others feel bad. Well, some of my neighbors aren't so considerate.) Anyways, a couple of things have happened that have made taking photos by myself extremely unpleasant and thus the challenge has become more of a challenge. That's not to say I don't like the challenge itself per say, but I'm just finding it more difficult this time around as the people are quite different here than they were at our old flat.

1) And this kinda creeps me out. I was taking outfit photos in the little park right near our flat and I noticed that someone was taking photos of me taking outfit photos. It was so weird. (This happens a lot to me, that people take photos without my consent, but that's because of the pig and they're taking photos of him and not me - it is still bothersome and totally rude, but it's still loads better than when someone is creepily taking photos of you from their balcony where they have huge big bushes and you can't really see them but then you suddenly realize what's going on and are like WTF?!).

2) So I decided to take photos only at the front entrance where there's the huge mirrors and most of my photos are from there, so you probably know what I mean, right? Anyways, a few days ago, and this is what I was referring to when I talked about the animosity of some people, I was taking photos and a neighbor just got off the elevator and was just standing there watching me take the photo - very creepy - and then was like asking what it's for and I said that it's for the blog and about the challenge and the reaction was just completely strange. Actually, I don't really want to go into detail but it was very rude of him and definitely made me feel bad about taking photos there as well! (Though I shouldn't be surprised, this is the same person that thought it was a "joke" to tell me that my pig has Swine Erysipelas - a deadly pig disease).

3) I'm at a point where I'll either take the photo really fast at the big mirrors - and then the photos aren't really that good - or ask my boyfriend to take them, but he's not very supportive of the challenge either and doesn't like taking my photos for me and that makes me really sad. My best friend doesn't really "get it" either and so there's just a kind of "what to do" about the whole thing. That's why I was on the fence about the challenge. Taking outfit photos INSIDE the flat isn't much of an option because there's not pretty backdrop and space is quite lacking as well and though the lighting is better now it is still far from ideal!

I didn't really want to go into detail about these issues as I don't want this place to be depressing and instead I want it to be a place where pretty things can be celebrated, but it was pointed out to me that what I had written could be interpreted a bit differently and could be taken that I'm having issues with the community of the shoe challenge, and I must say, that is not the case. Some of the people taking the challenge have become friends, either on instagram, where we like each others shoe photos or write comments, or through our blogs. I think the community is a great thing and only wish that it were bigger and that more people would take the time to comment and interact with each other. Furthermore, the community would be one of the things that I would really miss if I did not continue with the challenge, which is actually why I'm still doing it! Thank you shoe community:) You're awesome.


Shoes saved: River Island gold and black slipper flats
Worn on: the weekend, far far away from the flat haha
Wearing: Mango jean jacket, Asos yellow dress, Pull & Bear sweater, H&M studded bag (I know, I've been wearing it to death lately, but it's just the perfect size and hello, it has studs!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Filthy Landlubber Invasion

It doesn't happen very often, that I would buy two different pairs of shoes (with different styles) in the same print. I mean, I have bought the same type of shoe in a different color (these are my favorites), but that's something slightly different. Anyways, you've seen my Filthy Landlubber flats in my last post, and now here are their sister wedge version:

Shoes saved: Iron Fist "Filthy Landlubber" wedges
Worn on: Saturday, lunch date
Wearing:Topshop quilted fake leather jacket, Pull & Bear bag, Asos yellow tights, 
Zara Woman black skirt, Iron Fist t-shirt

 I quite liked my outfit, I think the print is very well completed by something yellow and as I didn't want to wear my favorite mini skirt (as seen in my last post) I opted for yellow tights instead.

As for the shoes, well, I think these are way more comfortable than the flats! (Though I did size up to ensure maximum comfort. As they have an ankle strap, there's no danger of my foot slipping out.) I really wasn't too worried about saving these but I didn't really expect to save them so soon! (These were the shoes that I had bought and were mentioned in this post.)

I also think that the print works even better here on the wedges than on the flats version. That's all from me for now, I'll be back either tomorrow or Thursday with some more cute shoes. See you then, mwah!

Sailor Girl

After going to the movies on Wednesday, when I wore this outfit, I completely fell back in love with my Topshop leopard print coat. So I ended up wearing it again on the very next day, when I went to have lunch with my sister and then to uni. I opted for a matchy-matchy yet clashing outfit (one of my favorite combinations haha).

Shoes saved: Iron Fist "Filthy Landlubber" flats
Wearing: Topshop leopard print coat, F&F thick opaque grey tights, Zara Woman yellow miniskirt, Iron Fist Filthy Landlubber t-shirt (see, I said matchy-matchy!), H&M studded bag

These shoes, while extremely cute, are also strangely uncomfortable. It's rather peculiar that I tend to get blisters from flats rather than heels. But I love the print, so I know I'll wear them again sometime, though not anytime soon as they are now saved in the challenge.

I'm at a point that I'm feeling kind of strange about the challenge in general, I'm detecting a sort of animosity and I'm not entirely sure if it's all in my head (which is completely possible) or if there's something going on. Whatever it is, all I'm saying is that I'm just on the fence about everything.

What I was completely sure of however, was that I definitely wanted to wear these shoes with their complimentary t-shirt. Sometimes, being all matchy is fun. Especially if there's enough contrast within the whole outfit (which given the leopard print coat, there definitely is.) I paired the shirt with my favorite miniskirt. All-in-all, I think it was a very happy outfit and very "me" as well.